Of Western, Jewish and Islamic fundamentalism

The Cold War between 1947 and 1991 was fought on ideological grounds. The imperial West sought to establish its dominance in world affairs to the defeat of the Soviet Union and its allies. In the aftermath of WWII, communist ideology had gained unprecedented popularity and was spreading across Europe. The US and Britain were terrified of the consequence of the spread of communism on the global political and economic landscape. At that time, Germany was learning towards communism and was going through post-war economic convulsions. That the European economy to a large extent depended on Germany’s industrial base, the US tabled the Marshall Plan as an attempt to extend influence on the political and economic direction of Europe.

The famous speech “Restatement of Policy on Germany” by former US secretary of state James Byrnes in Stuttgart September 6 1946 set the Cold War into motion. In his speech Byrnes sold “peace” as the reason for Germany to reject communism. He also said: “We [the US] have learned that peace and well-being are indivisible and that our peace and well-being cannot be purchased at the price of peace or the well-being of any other country.” What followed was the systematic campaign by the US to de-legitimise and undermine communism with consistent regularity and zeal. The protection and promotion of Western interest was paramount.

The end of the Cold War, which was precipitated by the fall of the Soviet Union and the wave of anti-communist revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1991; somewhat coincided with the genesis of the military adventure of the West in the Arab world in 1990. Saddam Hussein’s armed forces had invaded Kuwait, which provoked “international” condemnation. The US led military efforts to prevent the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. During the Cold War, Iraq had been an ally of the Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein’s support of anti-Israel groups was a source of discontent and disgust by the US. The Gulf War was not waged out of interest for the security of the people of Kuwait but for protection of interests of the West in the region and to safeguard the security of Israel.

The US had already fought a proxy war in the region, when it supported, financially and militarily, the mujahideen in Afghanistan who were fighting against the Soviet Union and the Marxist-Leninist government of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was part of the mujahideen who enjoyed support of the US during this war. He was useful for advancement of the US agenda against the communist onslaught at the time. The Afghan war with the Soviet Union was the rallying point for Islamic fundamentalists who deemed their cause a Jihad against invaders. The Afghan Jihad victory against the Soviet Union in 1988 led to the creation of al-Qaeda, a base movement that would lead the Jihad in future. The US must be proud to have contributed financially and militarily to the establishment of al-Qaeda.

It was this Gulf War of 1991 that established a fertile ground for the future “War on Terror” against al-Qaeda and its affiliate organisations. The US had sent its troops to Saudi Arabia and established military bases in that Muslim country in order to launch the war against Saddam Hussein’s armed forces. Post the Gulf War, US troops remained in Saudi Arabia, largely for the purpose of policing the region and protecting its own economic and political interests. The presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia provoked the same anger against the US among the mujahideen as was the case against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. A similar ideological battle between Western fundamentalism, which is rooted in principles of democracy and free-market system, and Islamic fundamentalism, premised on sharia, which rejects the free-market system.

It is now more apparent that the pretext for advancement of political and economic interests in the post-Cold War era is the invented “War on Terror”. A top military intelligence official in the UK, Major General Michael Laurie, told the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq invasion that: “We knew at the time that the purpose of the dossier was precisely to make a case for war, rather than setting out the available intelligence and that to make the best out of sparse and inconclusive intelligence.”

Further to this Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, in an MSNBC interview said: “You can be very cynical and say he [George W Bush] didn’t want to get him [Bin Laden] because once he got him the war was over and that left all the political advantage gone.”

The “War on Terror” is the war against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the propagation of Islamophobia, which has nothing to do with combating terrorism. The spread of terrorism is rooted on the expansion of the US and its allies in the Arab world. Islamic fundamentalism has been painted as the key driver for terrorism; that the establishment of Islamic states would be the precursor to the collapse of international peace and security. Unsurprisingly, a weak Islamic state of Afghanistan, under the Taliban, was swiftly overthrown and a puppet regime under Hamid Karzai installed.

The rise of Jewish fundamentalism (Zionism) and the pursuit of Jewish self-determination is seen as a force for good, as it closely aligns with the agenda of the West; whereas the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the pursuit of Muslim self-determination is seen as a force for evil. Jewish fundamentalism embraces the fundamental precepts of free-market system. Between the West and Israel, there exists a coalition of political and economic aggressors. Jewish fundamentalists respond with great vengeance against anyone who dares challenge Israel. A Jewish Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Tony Kushner, had been stripped of his honorary degree by a New York University because he committed the cardinal sin of criticising the apartheid state of Israel. Kushner is now portrayed by Jewish fundamentalists as the symbol of those closet “anti-Semites” or “self-hating Jews” who continuously bash apartheid Israel.

Organisations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are seen as terrorist movements because of their unapologetic pursuit of Muslim self-determination. Hamas advocates for the establishment of an Islamic state in Palestine, resulting in them being deemed a “terrorist organisation”. Iran, which became an Islamic state after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, is “the state sponsor of terrorism”.

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban embrace the fundamentals of Islam and advocate for establishment of Islamic states in the Arab world. Ordinarily, the two Islamic fundamentalist organisations would become the enemy against the imperial forces of the West, regardless of whether their means to an end is killing civilians or not. The West used “human rights” and “democracy” to discredit the spread of communism and a similar tactic is employed towards Islamic fundamentalism. The West, ironically, commits greater crimes against humanity than those so-called terrorist organisations. The world has become largely unsafe, precisely because of the actions of the West. The “War on Terror” could end tomorrow, if the murderous US and its allies pull their troops from occupied Arab states and mind their business.

When the phoney “War on Terror” ends, the West will find another reason to crush that which stands in the way of their imperialist interests. Unfortunately, international institutions such as the UN Security Council have become the instruments used to grant legitimacy to the perpetration of international crimes.

Let Islamic fundamentalists have their own Islamic states as Jewish fundamentalists have their Zionist state!


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5 responses to “Of Western, Jewish and Islamic fundamentalism

  • owen

    You really are a idiot. Jewish conspiracy of the world? You just copy and paste from anti-semitic litrature. So all Israelis are religious zealots? Zionism is fanatical?

    You are retarted!

    Zionism comes from the hebrew word “Zion” which is Jerusalem. Jews follow the old testament where G-d promisses us the land of Israel. In 48 the UN gave us our independance. The arabs attacked and lost. The same thing happened in 67 and 73!

    And you think Hamas is a peace loving group?

    You need your head checked. You are ignorant and anti-semite!

  • 911 ✡ ✈▌▌ (@elviswinehouse)

    The ‘West’ and much more of the world is run by Jew Bankers who control the money supply. This is a fact that everyone MUST wake up to. The Jewish Money as Debt, Fractional Reserve Central Banking fraud is the vehicle for Jew Global Hegemony. The NWO is Jewish. Whites, Blacks and Arabs are the victims of this conspiracy. The Jews are extremely ethnocentric and only look after themselves. This is demonstrable fact but most folk are unaware of because ALL of the Media in the ‘West’ is owned by Jews.

    USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany are all Zionist Occupied Governments. Jew Rothschild Central Banks own all these countries. Any dissent is easily suppressed. The Money Power is silent but omnipresent. There is a huge elephant in the room that few can detect because of the Jewish Media, Jewish Academic, and Jewish

    Financial Matrix of Power and Control.
    Israel done the 9/11 attacks, blamed it on the Arabs to get the Whites to fight the Jews wars for them. This was all directed by the Jew Bankers. Who benefited from 9/11 the most are the ones who did it. If you are in any doubt see this: Israel Did 9/11 – All The Proof


    Jews are the common enemy of all non-Jews. It is therefore very important that Whites, Muslims and Blacks unite in defeating Jewry, instead of defeating each other- because that is what the Jew World Order wants.

  • Brett Sacks

    I’d like to expand on a couple of points you made; not so much about USA and it’s “war on terror” but rather specifically about the comparison of Zionists and fundamentalists and the Israel/Palestine debate.

    You begin with stating that Zionists are fundamentalists. While the comparison can be made as ultimately fundamentalism is defined as a “strict adherence to a basic set of ideas” – this must be put in context. Today, fundamentalism is associated with radicalism. A Jew living outside of Israel may long to one day live in Israel and for this reason considers himself a Zionist – this does not seem to fit the model of today’s fundamentalist. This is not to say there are no Jewish fundamentalists – a recent case in Israel saw extremely religious Jews cursing and throwing stones at a woman whose skirt was too shirt. In today’s context, this is considered fundamentalism – in the same way that Boko Harem, a fundamentalist group in Nigeria are blowing up churches because they don’t believe in the Western way. As such, true fundamentalism is associated with radicalism – not simply a longing to live in a Jewish land.

    You then carry on to flippantly use the word Apartheid. I personally think that it takes a hugely uneducated person, especially one with ties to South Africa, to use the word in this context. I do not deny that there is harsh treatment of Palestinians living in Gaza/West Bank and a wall dividing a two nations might seem to be the very essence of Apartheid however, consider that since this wall was built, suicide bombs have decreased by 100%. Further, to debunk the use of Apartheid, we must consider that there are Arabs/Palestinians living in the land of Israel proper. Not only do these Palestians enjoy full rights as citizens but they are represented in parliament as there are numerous Arabs in the Israeli parliament – I think the parallels between an Apartheid South Africa and Israel surely just don’t stand. We can also consider that a Muslim is free to travel to Israel for leisure/business however, a Jew is forbidden to visit certain Muslim states – no matter what the reason. In addition, Hamas has called for the destruction of Israel and also stated that it will never recognize Israel’s right to exist – this is not the creed of freedom fighters.

    You very funnily conclude by stating “Let Islamic fundamentalists have their own Islamic states as Jewish fundamentalists have their Zionist state!”. The reason this conclusion made me laugh is because off the top of my head, I can think of numerous Islamic Republics – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran. However, there is only one Jewish state, Israel; which I may add is smaller in size than the Kruger National Park.

    I intentionally did not comment on the USA or their practices as it’s an issue in itself. Further, I must conclude by saying that I don’t always agree with the policies or doings of Israel, however, to declare that it is an Apartheid state filled with fundamentalist zionists is a blanket generalisation that is simply not true. Finally, the situation in Israel/Palestine is a unique one for many reasons and unless one is really clued up about the history of the land be it political or from a religion perspective, it’s extremely hard to draw conclusions.

    I draw your attention to my blog, with a proper background to the Israel/Palestine debate: http://brettsacks.blogspot.com/2011/09/israel-vs-palestine.html


  • some1

    i like intelligent people
    who aren’t sheeple
    thanks for being alive! and sharing your opinions

  • ihtishaam

    thank you so much for this article. you are very knowledgeable and clearly you do your research.

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